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Iberian providers handmade products

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Iberian providers handmade products.

Iberian flavors are part of an extensive cultural and culinary tradition whose most secret lies in combining a high quality raw material and optimum cure time.

In Lusitania Food we work with prestigious companies in the field of cold cuts, and Portuguese wines of Ribera del Duero, as well as the Portuguese coffee, for you to receive high-level products.

The finest selection of cold cuts:

There are a variety of sausages in Spain, but not all reach the unmistakable flavor and texture of those who have been made from pure Iberian pig meat as those raised in the Dehesa Extremadura.

Only the best breeds are selected to live in these places. Pure Iberian pigs roam freely feeding exclusively on natural products such as acorns and other herbs and roots, which makes their meat has such a distinctive flavor.

In the catalog of cold cuts of Lusitania Food you can find sausages, hams and shoulders, sausages, shoulders or loins presented differently. They have been handcrafted from pigs raised and Sierra de San Pedro, in Extremadura.

Add your orders some of the delicious cheeses of different Denominations of Origin of La Mancha, La Serena (Extremadura) and Alentejo (Portugal). Products pure sheep's milk carrying the printed character of a land and culture.

Ideas to complete an outstanding meal:

Cold cuts must be accompanied with a good wine that enhances its flavor. In our wine selection you can find the main Denominacibn wines with Ribera del Duero, from vineyards of Segovia, Soria, Burgos and Valladolid. Young red wines, aging or reserve are always a precious gift item.

Furthermore, we encourage you to discover Portuguese wines of Alentejo, another Portuguese region of origin Denominacibn. Red, white, rosé and sparkling wines that will add a touch of class to any gastronomic event.

And to put an outstanding event end point, we recommend our Portuguese coffee beans. It is a type of green coffee roasted wood with an exceptional aroma and flavor. The grain is selected from the main coffee plantations in the world and is prepared and packaged in Portugal for the company Lusitania Cafes.


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