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If you are a wholesale businessman, owner of a restaurant or just an individual who likes to enjoy the gastronomic pleasures that possess the Iberian products of our land, you're in luck. Food web Lusitania have all Iberian products proven superior craftsmanship and quality to supply your restaurant business. We also offer the opportunity to purchase our handmade products for the particular enjoyment from the comfort of your home. In Lusitania Food suppliers are experts and took our Iberian handmade products to anywhere in the old European continent.
From business lunches gifts or wholesalers to order for a large hotel accommodation our marching orders to their destination serving the maximum quality standards in force in food and transportation to customers as you enjoy a short time of fresh Iberian products craftsmanship with a remarkable quality. Our experience supports us in allowing us to be very competitive selling prices and distribution. With personalized attention through our website or by telephone, we are at your disposal to meet their needs and equally advise on any of our Iberian products. We Iberian hams and produced by our purebred Iberian pigs raised in the Dehesa Extremadura. The Lomo Iberico, pates artisanal Iberian and a wide variety of cold cuts are just some of the culinary delights that we supply to our customers. Iberian and cheese as they go hand in hand, we also have a wide range of artisan sheep cheese with denomination of own origin from the Extremadura province of Badajoz. In addition, a staple in the Mediterranean diet in our country such as Extra Virgin Olive Oil is present in our online catalog produced by a system that meets the requirements of environmental compliance to dress every dish.
In the section of drinks we are also a leader in distribution having a good selection of wines with denomination of origin Ribera del Duero wine from the neighboring country, Portugal, harvested in the family winery Adega Ervideira accompanying the palate ideally next our Iberian excellent.
To finish off a good meal, what better than to take a good artisan coffee hand of our processed and packaged in Portugal for Lusitania Cafes.