Acorn Palette

Acorn Pallet Box


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  • Cular Iberico de bellota sausage, made with the best lean, carefully selected and seasoned following the popular recipes, stuffed into natural casings, getting a high quality product. Approximate weight: 900 grams.

  • Iberico Bellota Shoulder Ham sliced and vacuum packed. Nice presentation case. Content: 20 packs of 100 grams. Sliced and vacuum packed for inalterar its aroma and flavor

  • Shoulder from Iberian pigs raised in freedom in the Dehesas Extremadura fed on acorns during the montanera season, finishing their bait with natural feed. Popsicles with a cure of more than 20 months. Green flange.

  • Ham from Iberian pigs raised in freedom in the Extremadura meadows fed with acorns during the montanera period finalizing its bait with natural feed. Hams with healing over 24 months. The flavor of Iberian at a more affordable price.

  • Manchego Cheese pure sheep

  • Chorizo Iberico, made with the best magicians, and dressed meticulously chosen according to the popular recipes, stuffed into natural casings getting high quality products. Approximate weight: 900 grams.

  • Cular Iberian salami slicing format in the comfort of consuming what you want at all times. Approximate weight: 100g. Store in cool, dry place. MINIMUM ORDER 10 envelopes.

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