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Your terms and conditions of use The client accepts the general conditions of sale and delivery of LUSITANIAFOOD.COM.To order enter the products you want to purchase in the shopping cart. However, you can also place your order through email by sending your request to or through the contact form. If you order through email not forget to put the reference number and the items you want. LUSITANIAFOOD.COM automatically send you an email with confirmation and notification of total amount due for the order placed.At the time of placing your order, and once confirmed acceptance thereof, provided means client consent and the validity and effectiveness of the purchase contract that binds the parties. Therefore, the client must respect the pact once accepted the request, the timely payment of the agreed price.The order entails a relización about shipping costs, which are borne by the buyer, unless the order amount exceeds € 1,000, in which case the standard shipping charges will be borne by LUSITANIAFOOD.COM. Once the shipment can not be carried out order cancellation. Orders are sent by courier agency or post. Delivery starts counted in the time of the request if it is before 1730 hours or the next day if after that hour. No account shall be taken on Saturdays, Sundays or holidays for this purpose. If you choose to pay by bank transfer, after performing the same, shall send a copy of the bank receipt by email to or wait for it to reflect in our bank account at least 48 hours.When paying by bank transfer, the delivery time will not begin until confirmed compute the transfer made. Delivery times are indicative. All our efforts are directed towards its fulfillment, but sometimes, through no fault of LUSITANIAFOOD.COM not met.The customer has no right to request return of the order for having delayed the delivery of it for reasons beyond LUSITANIAFOOD.COMThe risk of loss or damage is transferred to the customer upon delivery of the goods. LEGAL GUARANTEES If defective, the seller must proceed, as appropriate, repair, replacement, price reduction or termination of the contract negotiations that are free to the consumer and user.ORDERS OR FALSE FALSE IDENTITIES Each order is related to a particular IP address, they will not be used for any sulen particular function. However, we reserve the right to use them to take legal action against those who make false material orders, pick any nonprofit or pay. In these situations, the penal act, under established legal order, and in collaboration with police means to end, take measures to stop such fraudulent orders.QUESTIONS OR COMPLAINTS For questions or complaints to suggest, please get in touch via email to as it is much more flexible in this way, and is more controlled than by telephone. SERVICE QUALITY In LUSITANIAFOOD.COM we are committed to providing the best service possible, you can give the possibility of a broken stock of a product, however, does not last more than a day or two. For any dudad on sending mail contact In case of late arrival, often due to absences from home, or even wrongly directions taken by delivery companies, it's best to send a mail consulting us about shipping, so we can access the data the same and act as quickly as possible to resolve the problem. Our goals on this page apart from giving the best and fastest delivery service is also able to offer the best prices in Europe and the highest quality consumables. But above all, our main goal is total customer satisfaction, that when you receive the order at home, not assault no doubt about the quality of it, and especially the company that serves LUSITANIAFOOD.COM.AFTER SALES SERVICE If you have any questions about any product purchased in LUSITANIAFOOD.COM you can contact us for more explanations.All our products are shipped insured, tested and in perfect condition. If you receive a product damaged during transport must indicate this in writing immediately within a maximum of 24 hours of receipt. After this time, LUSITANIAFOOD.COM and your insurer will not be responsible keeping the product out of warranty, replacement or exchange possible. LAW This Legal Notice is governed in each and every one of its clauses by Spanish law.    Deshacer cambiosAlpha           Ejemplo del uso de "":     traducido automáticamente por GoogleDiccionario                  Haz clic para editar y ver traducciones alternativas  Pulsa la tecla Mayús y arrastra las palabras para cambiar el orden.   español (España)español  º1234567890'¡ qwertyuiop`+ç asdfghjklñ´ zxcvbnm,.- Ctrl + Alt.Ctrl + Alt